Ju von Dölzschen is a one-man band.


Ju creates his own compositions by recording his instruments (electric guitar, saxophone, electric bass, clarinet, synth, vocals and beatbox) with a Loop Station, creating piece by piece, loop by loop chords, rhythms, vocals, and over which he sings his songs and plays melodies.


The exclusively self-composed repertoire is stylistically, instrumentally and structurally varied and although Ju uses a lot of technology, he is not dependent on electricity and sockets. Batteries and power banks enable performances far away from civilization and asphalt.


Justus Friedrich Schlät (*02.14.1994) was born as the son of two professional musicians. At the age of five he attended his first recorder lessons and sang in the elementary school choir "Die Dölzschner Spatzen". He gained his first stage experience with Rolf Zuckowski at the Dresden Striezelmarkt, in the Meißner Theater and at a large benefit concert in the Color Line Arena in Hamburg. From the age of nine, Justus began learning the clarinet at the Heinrich Schütz Conservatory and played the bass clarinet successfully in many competitions and in the “Black & White” ensemble.


 In 2008, Justus wished for a bass guitar for his birthday and soon played in his friends' band "Stuck In Reality". Since then, Ju only wanted instruments and technology for his birthday and Christmas and over the years he learned the above-mentioned instruments autodidactically.


After “Stuck In Reality” broke up, Ju founded the band "Die Dölzschner" with two neighbors in 2011, with whom he played at numerous events, toured Europe and Morocco for a year in 2013/14, financed by street music, and then recorded an album.


In 2012, Ju completed his high school diploma at the St. Benno Gymnasium with an advanced music course and the advanced level certificate at the HSKD.


At the beginning of 2016 he began to compose as a soloist – with the Loop Station, which completes the range of instruments. He made street music and played in many bars in Dresden Neustadt. Soon the first requests for private events came and so Ju worked his way up from the street to bigger stages.

As soon as the "Dölzschner" returned from their one-year journey, Ju knew that one day he would buy a vintage car again and travel the world alone, and in the summer of 2016, after a long search, he plucked up courage and bought his 1984 Mercedes Benz 210, which he affectionately christened "Rosie".

In the same year, Ju fulfilled his dream of releasing his first solo album "Travelling Moss".


At the end of 2016, Ju became self-employed due to the rapid success and since then he has been going to events with Rosie and his voluminous equipment and living his dream of being a freelance musician.


In 2018 he performed at dozens of private and public events, continued busking and released his second solo album 'Dizzy of Love'.

In 2019 Ju played at even more events - e.g. at major events in the Kulturpalast Dresden and at the Weißer Hirsch concert square. He released the new single 'Bald ans Meer' and in December began a break in paradisiacal New Zealand with his longtime girlfriend Anna. In 2020 Ju returned to Germany and was welcomed with open arms
by the first Covid- lockdown.